Featured Projects

Gained Experience:
  • Unity - First large project using the Unity Game Engine
  • Teamwork - Worked with 4 other people
  • Analysis - A goal of this project was to take an outside prospective on what the game should be rather than just hammering out something runnable.

Gained Experience:
  • Large project - First completed and released project
  • Mobile:
    • Power Management - Game suspension and mindfulness over resource consumption
    • Touchscreen - Supports multi-touch controls in addition to usual scrolling gestures and tapping for menus
    • One Platform/Many Platforms:
      • Supports Android 2.8 and up
      • First time that one build required multiple test platforms
      • First time fixing platform-specific bugs on devices I could not access

Gained Experience:
  • Multiplatform:
    • LibGDX - Second project using the framework
    • Realized the necessity of keeping platform specific code separate
      (e.g. Thread safe data structures for Android vs. common data structures GWT can translate)
  • Web Server - Created small web server to provide access to thin clients
  • WebSockets - Used WebSockets to allow communication with the thin client
  • Gradle - First time working with Gradle's syntax
  • Vector Math - Movement system changes pull point based on player location

Gained Experience:
  • Pathing - Created AI for an ingame deer to move its way around a map
  • Serious Gameplay - Created with an intention to teach and relieve real world stress.

Gained Experience:
  • Unity - First project using the engine
  • Trigonometry - Used arctan and friends to calculate movement based on camera angle
    (Note: should have used linear algebra like in Void Control, but didn't)

Character from my game